Increases Moisture Holding Capacity

Improves the Soil Tilth & Infilteration of Compacted Soils

Increases Cation Exchange Capacity & Chelation of Plant Nutrients

Increases Water Uptake in High Salinity Soils by Modulating Osmotic Pressure

Accelerates Plant Cell Division & Promotes Growth

Stimulates Growth & Proliferation of Soil Microorganisms

The use of actosol on agronomic crops has shown improved plant growth with higher yields. In addition to agronomic crops, actosol improves the physical (soil), chemical (nutrient efficiency), and biological activity (microbial activity) of turf, ornamentals, flowers, and trees in the landscape and in container grown plants. Other applications include mine and landfill reclamation, dune stabilization, road/highway erosion control, and hydro-seeding. It is non-phytotoxic, economically priced, and provides improved agronomic features that can improve plant and root growth.


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