• Physically:

      Increases Moisture Holding Capacity


      Improves the Soil Tilth & Infilteration of Compacted Soils

    • Chemically:

      Increases Cation Exchange Capacity & Chelation of Plant Nutrients


      Improves Photosynthesis


      Converts Phosphorus into Plant Available Form


      Improves Buffering Properties of Soil


      Increases Water Uptake in High Salinity Soils by Modulating Osmotic Pressure

    • Biologically:

      Accelerates Plant Cell Division & Promotes Growth


      Stimulates Hormonal Activity


      Stimulates Growth & Proliferation of Soil Microorganisms


      Aids in Photosynthesis



      Approved By:





      actosol Seals of Approval

  • Agro actosol

    BioActivated Agro actosol®

    Product Label (PDF)

  • Calcium actosol

    Calcium actosol®

    Product Label (PDF)

  • Horticulture actosol

    Horticulture actosol®

    Product Label (PDF)

  • Micronutrient actosol

    Micronutrient actosol®

    Product Label (PDF)

  • Turf actosol

    Turf actosol®

    Product Label (PDF)